Nursing Lives- a play @ Unity Theatre in March

Vamos Theatre are bringing our latest full mask theatre production Nursing Lives to Unity Theatre 17th and 18th March.

Nursing Lives is a love story set in the early1980s of Thatcher’s Britain, and takes us back to the hard-working, heart-breaking, swing-dancing world of the UK’s wartime hospitals. When Flo, a feisty seventy-something, learns that the hospital she trained at during the Second World War is being demolished, she decides to take one last look – and stop the bulldozers in their tracks. Her illicit visit becomes a personal celebration of friendship, courage, adventure and romance.

The production was made with the help of nurses (particularly from Worcester Royal Infirmary), who worked in the profession from the 1940s onwards, and their memories provide much of the backbone to the story we created.

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