How to apply for the Nurses’ League Travel Award / Previous Award Winners

Although the Nurses League has been wound up in October 2018 the Travel Bursary and Student awards are to be carried on by the University.Please continue to apply as recommended below. Good Luck in extending your practice and that of your colleagues by travelling to centres of excellence to learn and share.

Applications can only be made for the travel bursary as the others are academic awards.
It is advertised via Directors of Nursing & Practice Educators throughout the Northwest. Further information & an application form are then available at the address below.
To be eligible you must be registered in a branch of nursing for not less than 3 years and either be engaged in clinical practice or be undertaking postgraduate or post registration nursing education in one of the Higher Education Institutes in the Northwest.
All applications are processed through:

The School of Health Sciences
Thompson Yates Building
The University of Liverpool
The Quadrangle
Brownlow Hill
Liverpool L69 3GB

Previous Award Winners

Year Mary Jones Award Rebecca Haynes Award
1999 Katie Sprakes Hilary Creed
2000 Hannah Beazley Naomi Burbridge
2001 Helen Done Esther Golby
2002 Sarah Martin & Rebecca Morton Kate-Louise Sprakes
2003 Hannah Thewles Katherine Bates & Lucy Loveday
2004 Craig Simon Jennifer Gibney
2005 Kirsty Nuttall Hannah Thewles
2006 Laura Curran Craig Simon
2007 Natasha Butler Kirsty Nuttall
2008 Samantha Harrison & Daniel Wilson Laura Curran & Sarah Wright
2009 Chloe Clayton Natasha Butler
2010 Annemiecke Van Der Pauw Samantha Harrison
2011 Jessica Bradbury Carol Paisley
2012 Lucy Mead Helen Pennington
2013 Rebecca Brown Jessica Bradbury
2014  Lorna Brookes  Julia Grant & Lucy Mead
2015 Leah Marsh &

Hannah Standing O’Farrell

Emily Chesterman
2016  Rachel Johnson & Rebecca Turner  Lorna Brooks
2017 Emma Taylor Charlotte Williams


2000 Tom Donovan
2002 Elizabeth Cooper and Victoria Garner
2005 Sue Redfern
2007 Sarah Doyle
2011 Christine O’Connor. Becci Sloane & Abigail Hosier
2013 Jenny Wharton
2015  Not awarded
2016 James Ridley


2012 Connie Brown
2013 Rebecca Smith
2014 Molly Kavanagh
2015 Laura Rowland