This is the last reunion before the League finishes at the end of 2018. please send photos to add to these if you have some. click on the photo to enlarge.




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The four 1965 PTS`s celebrated their 50th anniversary at the 2012 Reunion.

The celebration cake, kindly provided by Moira, depicted a round ward at the LRI


Annual Reunion October 18th 2014

Annual Reunion October  2013


On the morning of the reunion, Susie Overill arranged for three tours of the Royal Infirmary. Ian Campbell, Building Manager of the Waterhouse Building, kindly led these tours. Ward 6 is shortly to be refurbished


Five members of August 1955 PTS at the 2012 Reunion in the old L.R.I

Gwyneth nee Morgan-Jones; Eve nee Hubbard; Mary nee Elliot; Ann nee Rigby; Elizabeth nee Allen






Reunion 2011

Daphne and Elspeth Yule

Daphne and Elspeth Yule







8 members of August 1961 PTS were reunited on August 1st to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of,  quote “the day we crossed the threshold of The Royal Infirmary”

Their celebrations were held at the Panoramic Restaurant, 34th floor, West Tower, Liverpool

Back row L- R   Arlene (nee Smith), Gill (nee Kay), Mary (nee Harrison), Pauline (nee Jones), Pat (nee Morris)

Front row L- R   Val (Nee Whittington), Jan (nee Campbell), Hilary (nee Archer)

ug 61 Reunion

Sheila nee Parker (August 1962 PTS) recently visited the UK from her home of 37 years in New Zealand and a reunion lunch was held in the Cheshire home of Jean nee Edwards.

Nine members from August and October 1962 PTS were there to welcome Sheila, many hadn`t seen her since training days. Judy and Sheila`s friendship goes back further that nursing – they were in Primary School together.

Good food, good weather and good conversation were enjoyed by all before Sheila and her husband had to leave to catch their flight back home to N.Z.

Left to Right standing (easy to spot Sheila she has the New Zealand tan)

Jean nee Edwards; Judy nee McDonald; Kath nee Jones; Sheila nee Parker; Kathy nee Colley; Marion nee Jones; Diane nee Cargill

Sitting   Anne Crook; Pam nee Williams; Mary nee Corlett.

962 Anne , Jean Edwards, Sheila Parker etc (2)


A group from 1955 PTS celebrated their 55th anniversary at the reunion in October. Olive (3rd from left) travelled from Texas to join in the celebrations.

Left to Right  Eryl, Merryn, Olive and Ann

010Reunion photoDSC00027 resizes


Gilly (nee Taylor) recently paid a flying visit to the UK from Canada and met up with Gwyneth nee Hughes, Judy nee McDonald, Pat nee Norton and Anne Crook. We last saw Gilly at our 40th anniversary reunion in 2002.


L – R Gwyn, Judy, Gilly and Pat. (Anne took the photo)


Portmeirion Photos from 2006 to 2015

 Other Annual Reunion Photos



1965 PTS in York May2017 to celebrate their 70th birthdays



















50th Anniversary Reunion for January 1966 PTS.
A group of us met on the 1st April 2016. to celebrate 50 years of the start of our training. We actually started nursing on the 3rd of January, but felt that January wasn’t a good month for people to travel. The 1st April 1969 was our results day.
We met for afternoon Tea at the Foresight Centre, and we had a very enjoyable afternoon, in addition to our Tea, we had a cake to mark the occasion.
One of our Ladies; Liz Evans nee Curbishley, was on holiday in Spain, but we were able to speak to her on Skype, which made us feel more complete as a group

row L to R
Jenny Griffths, Norma Higginbottom, Judith Hawkins nee. Goulden, Pru Suders nee Brice, Pauline Settle nee Burd, Grace Le Vann nee Leung, Jane Lea nee Hockley,
Hazel McCauley nee Daniels.
Front row L to R
Mary Tait nee Irving, Chris Johnson nee Hughes, Irene Penny nee Bell, Jane nee Stevenson, Ruth Fitzpatrick nee Hamilton, Gladys Vaughan nee Jones (not featured in photograph).
Pru Suders travelled from America to be with us, and it was very nice to see her and be able to catch up.


Fifty Year Celebration Jan 1967 PTS

15 members of the Jan 67 met on the 3rd January 2017 at the Liverpool Carriage Works Hotel to celebrate the 50th anniversary of commencing their nurse training on 2nd January 1967. The group had previously met to celebrate other key anniversaries; the last time had been in 2007 for their 40th anniversary.
The members of the group had travelled from all over the UK to attend, but those coming from the Wirral and Chester had had the most difficulties due to the Mersey rail track refurbishment (which is also celebrating 50years in service).
The exchange of memories, gossip and catching up on the activities of the group members who could not attend, made the afternoon pass very quickly. The excellent afternoon tea (and glass of sparkling wine) also helped! We all agreed that the afternoon had been so enjoyable that we should meet again soon, hopefully at the next League AGM.

List of people who attended on 3/1/2017
Mavis Rose (Ashworth)
Ann Heague (Barker)
Gaye Oxley (Blakemore)
Dot Crawford
Wendy Hayes (Delderfield)
Mary Harrison (Haldane)
Jane Bridson (Howse)
Pam Harris (Keats)
Sue Gabbutt (Hesketh)
Sheila Jewell
Anna Thomas (Metselar)
Val Thornes (Powell)
Denise Lees (Stanton)
Diane Adams (Travers)
Margaret Whitney (Rostron)