Revised 2014

  1.        TITLE

The League is known as the Liverpool Royal Infirmary Nurses’ Training School, Nurses’ League.

  1.        AIMS

The aims of the League shall be:

a.  To form a bond between all nurses who trained at the Liverpool Royal Infirmary, including the years between 1969 and 1978.

b. To uphold the honour, dignity and values of the profession and support the advancement of nursing practice.

c. To administer the Benevolent Fund Account which provides support and assistance to members.

d. To support the advancement of nursing practice, through a Travel Award, to be offered every two years.

e. To award two prizes annually in memory of Miss Mary Jones and Miss Rebecca Haynes, in recognition of achievement in the study of nursing. *these awards are administered by The University of Liverpool                 

f. To maintain a web site on behalf of the Liverpool Royal Infirmary Nurses’ League.

g. The Executive Committee shall publish a League Journal annually.


a.  There shall be an Annual General Meeting held during the Reunion on the third Saturday in October, each year.

b.  The Nurses’ League shall be managed by an Executive Committee, which shall publish a report, a financial report and the audited accounts, in the Annual League Journal.


 There shall be an Executive Committee consisting of:

Vice President
Honorary Secretary
Honorary Treasurer
Journal Editor
Web Site Editor
At least three other Members

Members may be co-opted as required


a. Nominations for the Executive Committee may be submitted by any League member, in advance of the Annual General Meeting. Election will be by a majority vote at the Annual General Meeting.

b. The term of office shall be for four years. At the end of this term committee members will be eligible for re-election for a second term.

c. The President shall be elected from the Executive Committee and confirmed atthe Annual General Meeting.

d. The Vice President, the Honorary Secretary, the Honorary Treasurer and the Journal and Web Site Editors and Assistants shall be elected by the Executive Committee.

e. The Executive Committee shall meet at least three times a year or as required.

f.  The Honorary Treasurer shall keep records of accounts and another named officer shall countersign transactions.

g. The Honorary Secretary shall keep minutes of the Executive Committee meetings and the Annual General meeting.


a. Subscriptions shall be paid annually, with the exception of existing Life Members.

b. The amount shall be proposed by the Executive Committee, ratified by a majority decision at the Annual General Meeting and published in the League Journal. Subscriptions are due in advance, on the 1st October each year, payable preferably by Standing Order. The amount of the subscription shall be reviewed every three years.

c. New members shall complete the relevant form, obtainable from the Honorary Secretary and submit the required subscription.

d. All members will be issued with a membership number, in order to facilitate the maintenance of accurate records by the Honorary Treasurer.

e. The subscription covers the cost involved in the administration of the League, including the publication of the League Journal.

f. Any Member who does not renew their subscription, following one reminder from the Treasurer, will no longer be considered by the Executive Committee, to be a member of the League. If such a member wishes to re-join they will be welcome to do so at any time.

g. Changes of names and addresses should be sent to the Honorary Secretary, who is responsible for maintaining the list.


The Constitution will be reviewed by the Executive Committee, every five years. No amendments shall be made to the Constitution without the sanction of the members, at the Annual General Meeting.

Next Review date – March 2019