Invitation to present your story

I received the following email today and post it for your information. Anyone interested in taking part please contact Meg directly. I would encourage you to listen to Sir Paul’s story as it is fabulous and most entertaining.


My name is Meg Bowles & I work with the Moth in NY. (more info below) I am interested in finding someone who might be willing to share their story of nursing or other experiences within the medical profession, present day or more historic, for one of our upcoming shows in London.
Moth evenings feature 5 storytellers, each telling a 10-12 minute personal story from their life.
In terms of time commitment, we would have a conversation over the phone to pinpoint what story someone might like to focus on. Then I will make suggestions for structuring to fit into our Moth format. We will run the story a few times over the phone prior to a rehearsal with all storytellers.
I am including a few sample stories to give you an idea of our format.
Sir Paul:
Noreen Riols:
You can find out more at our website
All Best,
Senior Director & co-host Moth Radio Hour