We had a wonderful reunion in October, tinged with sadness as it will be the last one next year following the decision to wind up the League after 85 years.

Lisa Grant, Chief Nurse at RLUBHT came to tell us about her programme to reintroduce hospital badges. She was initially inspired by our badges and her programme to demonstrate professional competency has expanded across physiotherapy, auxiliary nurses, dental nurses and other professions within the hospital.It is a remarkable achievement which has had recognition from NICE and is important evidence to present for validation required by professional bodies. We were impressed by her commitment to nursing.A full report on the reunion will be in the Newsletter.I have posted a few photos but would be grateful for any more.As the website will finish next October I would urge you to send any items to be included on the website to be preserved historically. We would also like you do send any memories you have of your Royal days. Again this will form a record for future interested parties. If there are enough accounts we may make them into a small booklet. Please contribute rather than let things sit in a drawer and be forgotten or eventually discarded.