Scrap Book of a Nurse`s Training

Sylvia (nee) Moscrop has presented the Nurses League with a scrap book she compiled covering the years 1950 to 1990.

The book has over 50 pages of memorabilia relating to Sylvia’s nurse training and to Liverpool in the 1950’s.

Sylvia commenced training at the LRI on Saturday 7th October 1950 and the book starts with letters she received from Matron Turner accepting her for nurse training. There are records of exam results, fees payable, nurses salaries in the 1950‘s, newspaper cuttings and many photographs taken in and away from the hospital. Sylvia received the Elizabeth Pearson Memorial prize (£30.00) at the prize giving in May 1954.

There are so many interesting pieces of information – who remembers the doctors` grievances about the doctors mess and meal times in 1954. The story made the local papers and fortunately was resolved without any strike action. Or the unexploded bomb excavated during the building of the new medical school causing a temporary evacuation of the nurses home until a bomb disposal unit arrived from London to remove it.

Congratulations to Sylvia for preserving all this information

 Sylvia at the Portmeirion Lunch 2011 with the scrap book she has presented to the Nurses’ League

ortmeirion June 30th 2011 005 (2)