Visiting from New Zealand

Sheila nee Parker (August 1962 PTS) recently visited the UK from her home of 37 years in New Zealand and a reunion lunch was held in the Cheshire home of Jean nee Edwards.

Nine members from August and October 1962 PTS were there to welcome Sheila, many hadn`t seen her since training days. Judy and Sheila`s friendship goes back further that nursing – they were in Primary School together.

Good food, good weather and good conversation were enjoyed by all before Sheila and her husband had to leave to catch their flight back home to N.Z.

Left to Right standing (easy to spot Sheila she has the New Zealand tan)

Jean nee Edwards; Judy nee McDonald; Kath nee Jones; Sheila nee Parker; Kathy nee Colley; Marion nee Jones; Diane nee Cargill


Anne Crook; Pam nee Williams; Mary nee Corlett.

962 Anne , Jean Edwards, Sheila Parker etc (2)